Movie Review: Dry Wind

Leandro Faria Lelo in Dry Wind

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Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

The Story:

Dry Wind is about Sandro (Leandro Faria Lelo), a middle-aged man having a sexual relationship with a co-worker, Ricardo (Allan Jacinto Santana) and obsessing over Maicon (Rafael Theophilo), another co-worker. When Sandro spots Ricardo having sex with Maicon, he becomes consumed with jealousy and begins to lash out.

Some Thoughts:

There isn’t much story behind Dry Wind, which makes its 110-minute run time feel a bit long. The film is mostly lush, erotic images of men in various stages of undress.

None of the men in Dry Wind are overly muscular or classically built, but all of them exude a sensuality that drives the story. Maicon, the man Sandro lusts over, has a very 1970s porn star style. Every move he makes, every stance, is infused with sexuality. It’s easy to see how Sandro would be enchanted by him.

Sandro spends much of the film cruising Maicon, but never taking it any further. It’s not clear if he lacks confidence in himself or exactly why he lingers in the background. And When Sandro sees Ricardo having sex with Maicon, Sandro’s jealousy is understandable. Why Sandro doesn’t talk to Ricardo about his feelings when he has the opportunity is unclear.

Since Sandro is the main character, not understanding what motivates him makes the movie feel a bit vague. More character development would give the viewer something more to think about and enhance the story.

The Final Verdict:

Dry Wind is a hyper-stylized art film that takes too long to get to the point. It’s full of beautiful cinematography and tastefully erotic images that don’t make up for its lack of substance.

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