Movie Review: Lonesome

Daniel Gabriel and Josh Lavery in Lonesome

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Story:

Lonesome is a drama about Casey (Josh Lavery), a young man who moves to Sydney to escape his troubled past. Once there, he meets Tib (Daniel Gabriel), a sexually adventurous young man who takes Casey in. Soon the two are doing odd jobs, exchanging secrets, and discovering that they each have emotional scars that won’t heal.

Some Thoughts:

Lonesome is full of beautiful cinematography and men of various body types. The sense of loneliness that Casey feels is visualized with wide shots and soft music. The film quickly defines Casey as a quiet man who keeps to himself and only speaks when necessary.

Since Lonesome is a very sensual film, the leads must be sexually compatible. And not only do Lavery and Gabriel have chemistry, but they also possess the acting skills to drive the film home. They also have an understanding of their characters and are able to give nuance to the quiet moments.

Casey and Tib seem to understand each other on a deeper level. They’re both quiet and keep to themselves. The conversations between them are short yet speaks volumes in the silent moments in between.

The film is more of a character study than a story. It takes its time setting the tone with rich colors, music, and well-crafted visuals. Director Craig Boreham knows how to make a movie that pulls in the viewer and holds their attention.

Although I don’t like giving anything away, Lonesome should come with a warning for those who are triggered by rough sex and suicide. The film does discuss both of these topics, so you may not want to watch this movie if you have issues with them.

The Final Verdict:

Lonesome is a spellbinding film that is visually captivating, well crafted, and interesting. It’s a fine piece of Australian cinema. If rough sex and suicide are triggers, this may not be the film for you.

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